Handle of sandwich panels with 18m length

Sandwich panel installers can encounter difficulties in their daily work, often due to the size and weight of sandwich panels. Whether they are roofing or wall panels, handling such long and heavy elements can become difficult without the proper support.

This is what happened to one of our customers in Mantua. Highly experienced installers, they had to deal for the first time with the installation of sandwich roofing panels as long as 18 m. Moving 18 m of insulated panel is not easy because it risks deforming during lifting: the correct support is needed but at the same time the lift must be easily maneuverable and manageable.


Therefore, we have proposed our CL1-6 EXT wall and roof sandwich panel vacuum lifter as a solution.
The lifter features 6 suction pads, which ensure exceptional holding of the corrugated panel at any height from the ground. What’s more, being dual-circuit and battery-operated, it is both EN13155 compliant and construction site-ideal.


But the real distinguishing feature is that “EXT” in the model’s name. It is indeed a cladding vacuum lifter with ad hoc extensions designed precisely for handling particularly long and complex insulated panels that guarantees grip and stability.

Lifters of this size can be complicated to store and transport. For this reason,  Righetti Sollevamenti designed a practical and convenient transport stand. In this way, the client was able to handle the 18 m panel with the same ease and accuracy that distinguishes shorter panels, ensuring maximum reliability and safety for both the load and the operators themselves.


  • Lifting capacity 400 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • Modular frame
  • Vacuum Lifter for lifting and installation of wall and roof panels
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