How to handle gas cylinders easily and safely

A French customer of ours presented us with a special request: to be able to handle gas cylinders easily, quickly and safely, thus facilitating the work of the operators. Given the delicate product to be handled, safety compliance is essential in order to protect workers from any danger.

Quick-change suction pad

The first matter we had to solve was how to provide our customer with a single suction pad vacuum lifter that could lift cylinders of different sizes, diameters, and capacities. After careful analysis, we designed two sizes of suction pad that could accommodate the many sizes of cylinders.
To ensure quick and efficient work, we designed a mechanism for quick replacement of suction cups by means of quick couplings and easily interchangeable hooks.

Customized functionality

Once solve the first issue, we customized the vacuum lifter according to further needs.
One of the main requirements was straightening out one by one the cylinders lying on the pallets to place them in a metallic cell for transportation or, on the contrary, picking them up from the upright position and then lying them down on pallets. This action, which had been done manually up to that moment, was particularly burdensome to the health of the operators. In order to automate the process, we equipped the vacuum lifter with an electric tilting system to ensure a smooth movement of the load from horizontal to vertical (and viceversa).

Differenza di basculamento con ventosa e senza

Moreover, as gas cylinders needed to be moved in the client’s warehouse area, the vacuum lifter features a forkable frame for being used on forklifts. Again with a view to having no constraints in handling, we accessorized it with high-capacity batteries and a radio remote control for managing suction, release and tilt. In this way, any aspect of the suction cup can be conveniently handled by the operator without having to get off the forklift.

Righetti, specialists in vacuum lifters

At Righetti, we design vacuum lifters with the aim of making the manual work load easier, faster and safer. The perfect solution that our R&D department has designed brought great satisfaction to our client: we are proud of such result.
We can manufacture vacuum lifters not only for gas cylinders but also for any other kind of curved surface, such as tanks, tank bottoms, curved sheets, curved glass and cylinders.
Take a look at the video below to see how it works:

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Do you need any help?

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