How to handle long and narrow glass panes

With a glassworks in Brescia, Italy, that offers glass production and processing services, we collaborated on a specific solution for glass handling in a production environment.
The reality we were dealing with operates daily with the production of high quality glass sheets of different sizes and with the particularity of variable shapes. Specifically, the glass panes of last processing were long and narrow, with little anchorage space and very fragile surfaces due to the length of the sheets.


We recommended our VA4 RCMBP-R glass vacuum lifter. It is a specific model for indoor use with compressed air, providing stability and safety.
To accompany the customer in the safe and effective handling of long and narrow sheets, we recommended this vacuum lifter model due to its 360° manual continuous rotation capability and pneumatic cylinder tilting system.

In addition, this glass vacuum lifter also proved to be a suitable choice because of the optional on-demand swivel arms that allow the pads to be positioned in line and facilitate the lifting and handling of long and narrow glass sheets.


  • Capacity 400 kg
  • Compressed air powered
  • 0 - 90° pneumatic tilt system
  • Manual 360° continuous rotation
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Do you need help to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

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