Vacuum lifter for long and narrow sheets of glass

Narrow sheets of glass: how to handle them?

With our customer, a glass factory in Brescia, which offers glass production and processing services, we have collaborated for a specific solution for long and narrow glass sheets, difficult to handle.

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Under-hook Cladding Vacuum lifter equipment for installing insulated panels for construction sites

18m panels: what difficulty do they have?

Sandwich panel installers can encounter difficulties in their daily work, often due to the size and weight of the sandwich panels without adequate support. In this case, we are talking about panels of 18 meters.

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Vacuum lifters for large glass panels on construction sites

Glass installation on site: what solutions?

With our Vacuum lifters we went to operate also in Serbian territory. For one of our customers who deals with the laying and installation of glass sheets on site, we have found the most suitable solution.

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Do you need help to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

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