4 useful features for sheet metal vacuum lifters

The range of Righetti vacuum lifters for handling sheet metal is wide, for this reason we manage to offer standard machinery that meet the client’s needs on their own.

However, when this doesn’t happen, we can count on some accessories of the customer’s choice that allow the vacuum lifter to be customized according to their requirements.

  • Telescopic and tiltable handlebar

Choosing to substitute a standard handlebar with a telescopic and/or tiltable one addresses the need of controlling the load in any situation and from any distance, even in the case of large sheet metal. This accessory ensures an optimal safety distance from the moving load and makes the operator’s workstation more ergonomic.

  • Suction pads for embossed or almond-shaped surfaces

The suction pads that our vacuum lifters mount as standard are made of a specific mixture to adhere smoothly to sheet metal. In the case of sheets with a textured surface, such as embossed and almond-shaped sheets, it is necessary to use specific suction pads with a special gasket that adapts to the surface unevenness.

Sollevamento di lamiere bugnate o mandorlate con ventosa per lamiere

  • Radio remote control

When ordering a battery-powered vacuum lifter, the client must decide whether he wants to manage suction and release either via a manual valve placed on the lifter’s handlebar, or via a radio remote control. The latter allows the management of the vacuum lifter at a distance, and it turns out to be extremely helpful when combined with the forklift frame, which is mentioned in the following paragraph.

  • Removable frame for forklift

The battery power supply makes it possible to use the suction lifter on a mobile basis and independently of any power source. In order to extend the range of lifting equipment to which the vacuum lifter can be hooked, we have developed a removable forklift frame. With this accessory, the battery-operated vacuum lifter can be used on all means equipped with forks.

Radiocomando wireless e struttura inforcabile per le ventose a batteria per lamiera

F6B 1000

  • Lifting capacity 1000 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • 6 suction pads d.310 mm
  • Frame from L 1500 to 4000 mm

FS6B 500

  • Lifting capacity 500 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • 6 suction pads d.200 mm
  • Lower below-the-hook

FTS6A 1000

  • Lifting capacity 1000 kg
  • Compressed air operating system
  • 6 suction pads d.310 mm
  • Telescopic frame for horizontal lifting of metal sheet

F8EB 1500

  • Lifting capacity 1500 kg
  • Electric operating system
  • 8 suction pads d.310 mm
  • Frame from L 3000 to 4000 mm
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