6 perspectives to choose the right partner for your construction site

You want a partner who guarantees the best vacuum lifter available, who gives safety to your operators and stability to the materials, who does it quickly and with the best quality-price ratio. How to choose it?


Years of experience allowed us to list 6 useful perspectives to choose who will support your construction site or production laboratory area.


1. Experience in your sector: handling cladding panels or glass sheets is not the same thing, we know that. Very specific skills are needed, frames and structures have to be tested, pads and gaskets have to be ad hoc designed. To choose the right partner, the know-how for vacuum lifters has to be extended to all materials and surfaces, specially the ones you will move.

2. Quality technique and industrial view: the knowledge of building vacuum lifter which perfectly works, are adaptable, durable and safe is not an assumed perspective. The producers who have an R&D department, supported by a top quality technical office, can guarantee the perfect manufacturing of world-class vacuum lifters. It doesn’t matter if they are compressed air, battery or electric powered; the technical properties and the accuracy of the assembly will always be the same.

3. International view: being able to combine the Italian flexibility and versatility with a global experience is not easy at all. It means to project your next vacuum lifter one-way: carefully listening your needs, transforming your enquiries into functional equipment, for every kind of application, all over the world, bringing all the technical experience to models and surfaces in your specific work area.

4. Permanent dialogue: people beyond the machines. Having the possibility to speak with who designed, projected and built your next vacuum lifter it’s something really important. The chance of meeting your area salesman, the welder who meticulously worked on the details, the technician who assembled every single part of it, the people who will provide you assistance and support, and moreover: who started to design on a paper sheet your next vacuum lifter, guarantees that support you would like to have in your construction site.

5. Assistance everywhere and anyhow: full understanding of the details for a specific market through a direct contact, is the starting point to master that territory and be there with the best, before and after, sale support. The shipping ways which assure the safest and most reliable delivery of your vacuum lifter are essential for a correct choice.

6. Never stop working: a maximum priority. No matters if you are on the building area or in your factory, if you have technical problems or the need of strengthen your equipment inventory; the partner you will choose, must be able to support you in every circumstance. For these reasons, the two perspectives to keep in mind are the technical assistance and the possibility of rent.
The remote support by phone or by videocall is essential to don’t stop your work, with a quick and accurate assistance directly provided by the one who projected and built your lifter, will be an important assets to consider; as well as the support on choosing the most fitting accessories for your needs, in order to allow you to work safely and with the best equipment.
The prompt rent service, instead, will solve different necessities wherever you are. The vacuum lifters rent will allow you to strengthen your equipment fleet for the time you need, without buying a new one.

Do these perspectives convince you? Do you also think they are important to choose who will prepare your next vacuum lifter, whether it is compressed air, battery or electric powered, that will hep you with your work?

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Do you need any help?

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