A top-of-the-range vacuum lifter for handling any glass

Those who install glass and windows on a daily basis know it well: the types of glass one could come across are potentially endless. It may even be necessary to install glass panes of different shapes and weights during a single job. Therefore, the wisest choice for glass installers is to equip themselves with a vacuum lifting equipment that provides ample flexibility, thus ensuring the installation of any type of glass.

Among its wide range of vacuum lifters for construction site, Righetti offers a top-of-the-line model which solves any need for lifting glass sheets up to 800 kg or 1200 kg. This vacuum lifter is VB4+4 XL, a battery-powered model which can be adapted into different configurations to guarantee the highest level of modularity.


Professional vacuum lifter for any glass

VB4+4 XL is the ideal vacuum lifting equipment for construction site, specifically for handling glass sheets of different size, weights and shapes. Thanks to the possibility of completely removing and repositioning its suction pads, this vacuum lifter can be adapted from two suction pads up to eight. Each configuration has its own working load limit, so it’s essential to verify the maximum lifting capacity each time the configuration gets changed.

The weight of the glass is surely a limiting feature in choosing the right suction lifter, but shape and size play an equally important role. One of the configurations that make this vacuum lifter so useful and requested is its possibility of arranging the suction pads in a line. In this way, you can handle and install long and narrow glass panes, as well as bigger windows.


Vacuum lifter for construction site use with manual or electric movements

VB4+4 XL belongs to the series of vacuum lifters designed for construction site use. Thanks to its removable and rechargeable batteries, it allows cordless work, ensuring greater agility of movement. Moreover, this vacuum lifter respects the EN13155 European laws, being equipped with a dual vacuum circuit and a smart vacuum control unit which warns the operator with audiovisual alarms in case of malfunctions.

For meeting all needs of our clients, VB4+4 XL can be equipped with manual or electric movements. The manual movements of VB4+4 RCMBM XL allow a 360°continuous rotation (with possibility of blocking every 90°) and a 0-90° tilting system. For simplifying the glass installation, our clients can opt for our patented feature: the assisted tilting device.

On the contrary, VB4+4 RCEBE XL vacuum lifter performs a pinpoint control of its rotation and tilting at a distance thanks to its cordless remote control.


  • Lifting capacity 1200kg
  • Battery operating system
  • Manual 90° tilt
  • Manual continuous 360° rotation
  • Multiple possible configurations


  • Lifting capacity 1200kg
  • Battery powered
  • 0-90° electric tilting
  • 360° electric rotation
  • Several configurations
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