Moving mineral wool sandwich panels without damaging them

Mineral wool, also called rock wool or glass wool, is a natural material frequently used in building insulation processes. Its biocompatible characteristics and fibrous nature make mineral wool a highly insulating material from a thermal and acoustic point of view. For these reasons, rock wool sandwich panels are increasingly in demand in building coating.


Moving mineral wool sandwich panels with vacuum lifters

Today, lifting insulated panels using vacuum lifters is gaining popularity. This is because employing a vacuum lifter is efficient and easy, as it makes the installation of insulated panels faster, easier and safer.

However, many installers who need to install glass wool insulation panels still have many concerns about the effectiveness and safety of using vacuum lifters to move mineral wool panels. They fear that the panels may be damaged, that the coating sheet may peel off, or that the suction pads will not hold the load.


Why it is safe to install rock wool insulated panels using a Righetti vacuum lifter

Using a vacuum lifter to install your panels (whether in polyurethane or in mineral wool) is safe because Righetti vacuum lifters:

  • They feature plates with panel-specific gaskets that adapt to any surface
  • Thanks to different configurations, they ensure proper support of even the longest panels
  • They provide specific configurations to handle and lift rock wool sandwich panels safely, without damaging the panel
  • They have a maximum load capacity of up to 400kg
  • They comply with regulations in terms of safety (EN13115) by being equipped with dual vacuum circuit and alarm systems
  • They respect the integrity of the sandwich panels by handling them without damage or holes


  • Lifting capacity 400 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • Modular frame
  • Vacuum Lifter for lifting and installation of wall and roof panels
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