New feature to customize GLE4+8 glass lifter

GLE4+8 is a modular vacuum lifter for glass, as its frame can be adjusted to handle both small panes up to 600kg and large glass sheets up to 1500kg. The user can manage the lifter’s modularity in a fast and easy way thanks to its quick couplings. This feature, combined with full-electric movements and rechargeable batteries, makes it one of the most loved models by glass installers.

GLE4+8 vacuum lifter presents a star-shaped frame, with four centrally fixed suction pads and eight additional ones placed on removable extension arms. The most external arms offer a wide pad spread of 2250x1600mm, therefore allowing the lifting even of the largest slabs.

Sollevamento di grande vetrata pesante con ventosa Righetti modulare a batteria

However, facing the increasing size of loads to be handled, our R&D Department found it necessary to develop a solution for these new challenges. Without editing the existing structure of GLE4+8, we created additional equipment that:

  • increases the pad spread to avoid any potential flexion of the glass
  • provides more anchor points on the surface for a firmer grip
  • can also be used on precedent GLE models
  • is easy to transport, mount and use

Given these premises, we manufactured new extension arms that can be inserted in place of two lateral existing arms, allowing GLE4+8 to reach a maximum width of 3700mm and therefore to give all the necessary support to large, wide glass sheets. In addition, the additional suction pads can be moved along the extension for adjusting to smaller glass.


GLE4+8 d4 1500kg

  • Capacity 1500 kg
  • Battery powered
  • 90° powered tilt
  • 360° electric rotation
  • Radio remote control
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