Professional installation of sliding windows and glass

Glazing is a job that requires precision in each of its stages, from the moment of lifting from the rack to the actual fitting on site. The use of professional vacuum lifters to facilitate the handling of window frames is now common practice, and Righetti vacuum lifters are a safe lifting tool for this purpose.

As a matter of fact, Righetti vacuum lifters for glass are designed to work on site. With a dual vacuum circuit, rechargeable batteries and suction pads designed for maximum grip to the glass, our vacuum lifters help operators perform precise installation of a wide variety of glass. They also feature a compact and streamlined design that provides enormous flexibility and versatility, especially when working in tight spaces or behind scaffolding.


Sollevatore a ventosa per la movimentazione di serramenti pesanti in cantiere

Generally, Righetti vacuum lifters can be used for handling window frames without any issues, as the distance between the glass and the frame of the lifter is sufficient to overcome the protrusion of the window’s mullion, ensuring a secure grip on the glass.

In the case of a window featuring a deep frame, where the central mullion is particularly protruding, it is necessary to increase the distance between the structure of the vacuum lifter and the glass, using special spacers. Another similar case, but with different requirements, is the handling of sliding windows. In this case, it is necessary to lift two surfaces placed at different heights: this difficulty can be safely addressed by using the specific spacers.


Since these accessories can be used in different circumstances, Righetti’s R&D Department has developed three possible types of spacers:

  • with fixed-height
  • adjustable in two positions
  • freely adjustable

Spacers can be quickly fitted to most Righetti vacuum lifters as needed, ensuring that the glazier or the window installer maintains a firm grip on the window frame regardless of its intrinsic characteristics. Whether you are handling sliding windows, window frames or glass panes, Righetti vacuum lifters are valuable equipment with which to equip your fleet.

Contact us to discover all the convenient accessories our R&D Department has designed for you and your team.

VB4 RCMBM 400 kg

  • Capacity 400 kg
  • Battery powered
  • Manual 0 - 90° tilt system
  • Manual 360° continuous rotation

VB4 RCMBM d4 PRO 600 kg

  • Capacity 600 kg
  • Battery powered
  • Manual 0 - 90° tilt system
  • Manual 360° continuous rotation
  • 4 pads + extensions

GLE4+8 d4 1500kg

  • Capacity 1500 kg
  • Battery powered
  • 90° powered tilt
  • 360° electric rotation
  • Radio remote control


  • Lifting capacity 1200kg
  • Battery operating system
  • Manual 90° tilt
  • Manual continuous 360° rotation
  • Multiple possible configurations
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