S1 Series: all the accessories for paving jobs

In the outdoor stone and slab paving industry, the S1 series vacuum lifters are a reliable and versatile solution. This series includes two models:

  • S1-B, with autonomous battery power supply
  • S1-MP, with dual power supply by manual operation or compressed air

Both vacuum lifters offer a lightweight and compact design, making them easy to handle and use on lifting equipment.

One of the most interesting features of this series is the possibility of interchanging the suction pads. In order to adapt to the different sizes and weights of the loads to be lifted, it is possible to choose the appropriate suction pad for each specific situation. In this way, by using the most suitable suction pad according to the shape and weight of the load to be lifted, a secure and stable grip on the materials is guaranteed.

Recently, Righetti’s R&D department has also developed two new additional accessories to give these vacuum lifters greater versatility. Let’s check them out together.


Dual grip handlebar

When the workplace is not reachable with standard lifting means, our dual grip handlebar plays a key role. This optional, which can be easily mounted on the lifter, allows the manual lifting of the load by two workers. Thanks to its maximum lifting capacity of 100kg, the dual grip handlebar simplifies the installation of slabs, while protecting the operators from potential health hazards, such as pinched finger, fatigue and joint pain.

Accessori per il sollevamento di pietre con ventose


Beam for use with 2 or 3 suction pads

When lifting and installing long, narrow paving slabs, the beam with three suction pads is a useful ally. This accessory gets attached to the main body of the S1 series to provide stable and uniform support to the entire load thanks to its length of 155cm. The user can choose to use two or three suction pads. The design of this optional aims to prevent the risk of damaging the material during its lifting, as it ensures a balanced distribution of the load and contributes to its precise and effortless laying.


With the S1-B and S1-MP vacuum lifters, Righetti offers a reliable and customizable solution for installing pavers, stones and slabs outdoors.

The accessories of the S1 series make these lifters even more versatile and efficient. The interchangeability of the single suction pad makes it possible to adapt to different lifting needs, while the dual grip handlebar and the beam with three suction pads address specific situations where manual handling or the laying of long, narrow steps and slabs require a targeted solution. By choosing the S1 series vacuum lifters in combination with the appropriate accessories, precise, safe and efficient installation is guaranteed, offering superior results.


  • Lifting capacity up to 600 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • Interchangeable plates
  • 0-90° manual tilt system


  • Lifting capacity up to 1000 kg
  • Vacuum Lifter with double power supply: manual pump or compressed air
  • Interchangeable plates
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