Why choosing VBT4 vacuum lifter over VB4?

At first glance, the VBT4 and VB4 glass vacuum lifters might seem almost identical: four repositionable suction pads with a diameter of 310 mm, maximum load capacity of 400 kg, dual vacuum circuit, battery power supply, manual 90° tilting and manual 360° continuous rotation.

So which one to choose?

Despite the many similarities, there are a few differences that might make you choose the VBT4 model. In fact, VBT4 has been designed as a simplification of VB4, with the aim of providing an alternative solution from which to exclude certain functions that are not essential for all customers or applications.

Sollevamento di vetri in città con ventosa VBT4

Lightweight yet robust frame

The first big difference between the two vacuum lifters is the weight of the lifter itself. With a structure weighing only 48 kg, the VBT4 is the ideal solution for use on carts and small cranes with low lifting capacities.

Thanks to the lightened frame of the VBT4, it is possible to optimise the lifting capacity of the crane to the maximum, without excessive and unnecessary reductions in capacity caused by heavier lifters. Often, even those who have no load-bearing capacity problems on lifting equipment appreciate the lightness of the VBT4 suction cup for its ease of handling and manoeuvrability when moving.


Essentiality and efficiency

In order to make it so light and compact, the VBT4 glass vacuum lifter has been stripped of some of its more advanced features, such as the connection for controlled tilting, management via radio remote control and the possibility of using the lowered suspension. Some of these features are, however, available as optional extras.

Therefore VBT4 simplifies its operation without sacrificing its efficiency and performance:

  • it maintains its powerful load suction,
  • it guarantees a firm grip on the surface,
  • it complies with the highest safety standards (double vacuum circuit, vacuum control unit, audio-visual alarms, double vacuum gauge) so that it can be used on construction site,
  • it allows the glass to be tilted and rotated.

Posa di vetri con l'utilizzo di un sollevatore a ventosa VBT4

VBT4 is available also in PRO version

Do you like the lightness and simplified features of VBT4, but need more modularity? VBT4 is also available in a PRO version: this vacuum glass lifter allows you to reposition the suction pads in different configurations. Here are some examples of possible configurations:

  • compact configuration for small glass
  • open configuration for larger glass panes
  • extended configuration with 4 extensions to provide adequate support for larger panes
  • configuration with in-line suction cups, ideal for long and narrow glass

Configurazioni modulari di VBT4 PRO

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VBT4 400kg

  • Capacity 400 kg
  • Battery powered
  • Manual 0 - 90° tilt system
  • Manual 360° continuous rotation

VBT4 PRO 400kg

  • Lifting capacity 400 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • Manual tilt 90°
  • Manual rotation 360°
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