Why should you try hiring your next Vacuum Lifter?

Are you looking for solutions which enhance, even just temporarily, your equipment inventory? Or maybe, do you just need a solution for a project which is not your daily core business? Here you’ll find some interesting points which will help you to choose.


The first reason for our customer to chose the vacuum lifter rent is: unscheduled job.


Sometimes you may need to move some materials which you’re not used to move. If you have never worked with cladding, glass, marble, metal sheets o porcelain slabs, or maybe you just have never used a vacuum lifter for this kind of job, it would be useful for you to try and realize by yourself the benefits of these machines. Thank to our rent you might try in your construction site a tested and qualified vacuum lifter suitable for your next tasks.

Furthermore, by choosing Righetti Rent, you could rent vacuum lifters for glass, cladding, metal sheets, marble and wood, directly from the company which, for more then 20 years, has been specialized in vacuum lifters.


The second reason is the price of the rent: for fast works, the amortization is no longer a problem.


The vacuum lifters rent has an important economic advantage. Moreover, the cost of the rent can be allocated directly to the general construction site costs. Renting a vacuum lifter instead of buying it, allow you to avoid the typical amortization from the purchase and warehousing, using it just when you need. Dealing directly with the producer like Righetti, allow you to save time and the availability of the machine is guaranteed.


Third, but not less important, you can temporarily enhance your equipment inventory.


Imagine to work in different construction sites at the same time. Imagine that you have to satisfy different requirements in various areas. The vacuum lifter rent allow you to strengthen your equipment inventory without buying a new one. You will accommodate different needs at the same time.

Eventually, it is very comfortable to redeem the equipment. After the using and trial period, you could purchase the vacuum lifter you rented; so you already learnt how to use it and it is immediately available for your next works.

So why the vacuum lifter rent could be the best solution for you:
Unscheduled jobs: if you have to move unusual weights, you can rely on a temporary and professional service.
Time and costs: short time delivery, costs are cut down and no amortization;
Temporary support: for different construction sites or simultaneously productions, it could be a precious help for the time you need it;
Instant redeem: did you notice all the advantages of a vacuum lifter? You can easily redeem and keep it. In this wat you can try the best solutions for vacuum lifters on the market and then decide, whether to keep it or to rent it again.


  • Lifting capacity 400 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • Modular frame
  • Vacuum Lifter for lifting and installation of wall and roof panels
Do you need help to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

Do you need help to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

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