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Over the past few months, Righetti has faced some days of lively bustle: cameras, lights, filming, and photographs have followed one another non-stop to give life to an important project. A project in which Gilberto Righetti, CEO of Righetti, told his story to the national newspaper La Repubblica, starting from the origins of the company, passing through its development, up to the current industrial reality.
We leave you with some of the most significant excerpts from this story, while inviting you to view the final result:

“In every job, I was always trying to find innovative solutions to optimize the work” – are the words of Gilberto – “And it was within a laser cutting company that the idea of building the first vacuum lifter came to mind. Seeing how difficult it was to move large sheet metal, I kept asking myself if there wasn’t an easier way to do that handling.”

Righetti Sollevamenti, born from an intuition, is a Verona-based company that blends Italian craftsmanship with industrial production to design and manufacture high-quality vacuum lifters.

“In the beginning it was just Olga and I, a family business that started in the garage at home. Gradually growing, we arrived at the current 3500sqm production area. Yet, despite greater industrialization and internal organization, we always keep our artisan soul and human contact with our customers alive.”

Today, Righetti Sollevamenti is a company specialized in the design and production of vacuum lifters. The product range includes over 1000 different models for lifting and handling different materials such as sandwich panels, glass sheets, sheet metal, marble, ceramics and plastic. In order to meet all work requirements, each model can be produced in one of three available power supply: it is the sales team’s task to identify and suggest the most suitable vacuum lifter to the customer according to the use and properties of the workplace.

After the first national expansion in the early 2000s, Righetti got into the game at an international level, developing relationships with partners all over the world, with whom it still collaborates today. To date, the foreign market share is undoubtedly the main one for Righetti, which continues to nurture interesting foreign relations also thanks to the professionalism of its sales department and the high quality of its products. Righetti vacuum lifters are designed and assembled with meticulous care within the production departments in Verona. Before they are shipped, the vacuum lifters are carefully inspected and tested in order to provide the end user with a safe and efficient product.

“Our passion and commitment remain the same as when we started this adventure. We want customers, wherever they are in the world, to be able to proudly say they have ‘a Righetti’ when they use our vacuum lifters.”

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