Customizable plates for marble

On request, the Righetti Vacuum Lifters have the possibility of mounting customizable plates for marble.

In the catalog, the Righetti’s solutions presents a wide range of lifters of different sizes and capacities, already present in standard format and easy to order. The breadth of choice gives the lifters for marble, stone and granite a great deal of customization.

However, it may happen that the processing that must be carried out is very particular and specific, outside the standard formats. To meet this need, in case you are looking for a particular suction cup in terms of size and shape and that is not present in the standard range, Righetti offers the possibility of adapting the suction cup to particular specific weights and shapes. An example could be the suction cups for curbs, bases or the suction cups for lifting strips.

The service of customizable plates for marble, whether they are of different sizes and capacities, even reaching the shaped models, is accessible on request.

Do you need any help?

Do you need any help?

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