Sheet metal suction cups for uneven surfaces

For sheets with an irregular, textured, streaked or checkered surface, each lifter must have the right suction cup.

The sheets produced in the sheet metal sector are not always smooth and perfectly regular. This type of sheet can be easily lifted with the usual high quality suction cups.
However, it also happens to produce sheet metal with an irregular surface, be it embossed, streaked or almond-shaped. In this case, the normal suction cup is not enough.

For this reason Righetti Solutions, the R&D division, has developed specific plates that mount particular gaskets and are perfectly adaptable even to irregular materials. With this solution, the suction cup will be able to adapt to any surface, guaranteeing the expected high gripping standards.

Ventosa specifica per lamiera con superficie irregolare, bugnata, striata o mandorlata

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