Immediate suction of the load for sandwich panels

Speed ​​and safety are two essential elements, both on construction sites and in production environments.

Righetti Vacuum Lifters wanted to design its own vacuum lifters to guarantee these two aspects. The immediate suction of the load takes place thanks to the capacious vacuum pre-refill tanks, the wide passages of the pipes and the fittings: a suction system designed specifically for vacuum lifters that have to suck the load with surfaces that are not perfectly smooth, micro-ribbed or not planar due to the length of the sandwich panel.

The vacuum is prepared already when the lifter is switched on, completely pre-refilling the vacuum tanks and ensuring constant vacuum, with a charge always at the highest level. When the suction is activated, it is not necessary to wait for the creation of the vacuum, but the latter instantly enters the circuit, immediately reaches the suction cups and guarantees a fast and safe grip.

To further facilitate the process, the lifters are equipped with articulated plates, which, thanks to the internal articulation mechanism, are able to adapt to the inclination of the sandwich panels, facilitating grip.

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Do you need help to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

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