Removable batteries for lifters

How can Vacuum Lifters with removable batteries help your construction site?

Righetti Vacuum Lifters’ battery-powered lifting equipment are powered by rechargeable batteries inserted into the lifter’s structure.
We have chosen this solution to facilitate your work: without the need for wires and cables connected to voltage, you will have fewer impediments in your operating area.

How can they help work on your construction site?
– They are removable batteries (they can be easily replaced if necessary)
– Easily rechargeable with the separate charger
– They are quickly and safely interchangeable
– They constantly monitor the charge level

The interchangeability of the batteries offers the possibility of always having an additional kit of charged batteries available, useful in situations of intense work, in which it is not possible to put the Vacuum Lifter on charge or if it has not been done by mistake.

The models powered by extractable batteries are supplied complete with a separate 220V battery charger that allows you to charge the additional battery kit while the lift is in use.

Through the battery level indicator it is possible to constantly monitor the available charge level.

Rechargeable and removable batteries for construction site Vacuum Lifters

Do you need help to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

Do you need help to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

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