Safety systems

The safety systems for the load and for the operator are the basis of our Vacuum lifters design.

To maximize reliability, our Vacuum Lifters are equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems designed specifically. Below we present the main ones.

The gripping and release of the slabs and panels is carried out by activating a valve to open and close the vacuum. The double action grip and release control with safety against inadvertent starting can be performed by a manual valve positioned on the lift structure, or via a wired push-button panel or a wireless remote control.

By means of a vacuum gauge with colored scale installed on the vacuum circuit, it is possible to constantly check the depression reached in the vacuum circuit. The intervention of the safety system is regulated by a vacuum switch mounted on the vacuum tank.
A large vacuum tank, in addition to accelerating gripping, coupled with non-return valves ensures that the load is not released immediately upon the occurrence of a sudden power cut, ensuring the safety of the operator and the material being handled.

The Vacuum Lifters is also equipped with an autonomously powered acoustic and visual alarm system that alerts the operator to any dangerous situations.
On battery-powered models, the control unit monitors the vacuum level, checks the correct operation of the main components and monitors the battery charge.

Our lifting equipment are designed and manufactured in full compliance with the Machinery Directive and safety system standards.

They are supplied complete with CE marking, Certificate of Conformity and Use and Maintenance Booklet.
Righetti Vacuum Lifters’ are designed and built entirely in Italy.
Further guarantee for the quality of components and the availability of spare parts.

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