Storage stand for CL1

Problems with transporting Vacuum Lifters for sandwich panels? We don’t know what they are with the new kickstand.

Righetti Vacuum Lifters’ for sandwich panels CL1 are supplied with the practical stand for storing and transporting the lifter.

We have designed it to take up little space, both in storage and transport, easy to assemble (especially during work on site), quick to store in your sheds or warehouses.
The structure of the lift for sandwich panels is suitable for both wall and roof installation and make up the stand: the individual mechanical arms of the lift are detachable from the suction cups for panels and can be mounted on the storage stand, creating a self-supporting structure that is easy to make. This operation minimizes the overall dimensions during transport or during storage.

The storage stand, which will come supplied with the Vacuum Lifters for sandwich panels, is complete with a protective fabric cover to minimize any marks on the frame and to protect the entire CL1 lift structure.

In addition, you can have the practical support by purchasing your equipment.

Do you need help to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

Do you need help to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

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