• Cladding Vacuum Lifter for installing facade panels, mounting cold rooms or glass sheets
  • Lifting capacity 375 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • 1 suction plate divided into several zones
  • 0-90° tilt system
  • 0-90° rotation system
  • Dual vacuum circuit EN13155

The CL-W vacuum lifter is a specific model for the installation of insulated wall panels. It is a lifter with a compact and easy-to-use design.

Power supply

The vacuum lifter CL-W is powered by rechargeable batteries that can be easily removed and replaced if necessary. The lifter is supplied complete with battery charger. The battery level is indicated by the control unit, which informs the operator of the need for recharging with audio-visual alarms.


Load suction and release are controlled by the radio remote control. Radio control is generally included as standard; however, the model is also available with manual controls on request.
The 90° rotation and tilting system makes it easier to install the wall panels.


The CL-W vacuum cup is equipped with a single 500 x 1000mm suction pad, which is divided internally into four areas to ensure a dual vacuum circuit.
This model is also equipped with a removable suspension in order to reduce the blow-the-hook height and facilitate work even in lowered ceiling situations.


CL-W is a model specifically for use on construction sites as it is equipped with a dual vacuum circuit as required by European safety regulations. In addition, it is equipped with audio-visual alarms to warn the operator of possible dangers.
The vacuum level is constantly monitored by a vacuum control unit, which carries out a self-diagnosis every time it is switched on.
For a long lifespan of the lifter, the sophisticated filter system protects against dust and condensation, allowing quick and easy cleaning.

Below is a short video of the lifter in operation on site, to view the technical video press the “Play” icon next to the photo of the lifter

Case history

Using a cladding lifter for installing insulated panels


CL-W: a compact yet versatile cladding lifter

There are several reasons why CL-W is the perfect vacuum lifter for installing wall sandwich panels on construction site.

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