• Vacuum Lifter for lifting and installation of wall and roof panels
  • Lifting capacity 400 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • 6 suction plates specific for micro-rib panels or corrugated panels
  • Modular frame
  • Dual vacuum circuit
  • Tilt system from orizontal to vertical and viceversa
  • Sophisticated safety systems

CL1-6 is a cladding vacuum lifter specifically designed for the installation of insulated wall or roof panels. The special feature of the CL1-6 is the possibility of different configurations. With the same lifter, it is possible to install both roof and wall panels, vertically and horizontally.

Power supply

The CL1-6 is powered by rechargeable batteries that can be easily removed and replaced if necessary. The vacuum lifter comes with battery charger included.


Gripping and releasing the load is controlled by the dual control valve on the handlebar of the lift. As an option, it is also possible to request a radio-controlled version.
The tilting mechanism allows the panels to be moved safely from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. In addition, the practical bracket facilitates tilting the vacuum lifter from horizontal to vertical.


CL1-6 has 6 suction pads and a maximum load capacity of 400 kg.
The suction cups are suitable for lifting and installing flat, micro-ribbed or corrugated panels.
The design of the vacuum lifter is modular to suit both short and longer sandwich panels. The vacuum lifter can be extended by adding extensions that can be quickly attached to the structure thanks to quick-release couplings.
In the case of roofing tile panels, we have suction pads specifically for that use.


The CL1-6 meets the highest safety standards to protect workers and the load.
Thanks to the dual vacuum circuit, it can be used on construction sites safely and in full compliance with EN13155.
In addition, the vacuum control unit constantly monitors the vacuum level in the circuit and warns the operator of any possible dangers with audiovisual alarms. Each time it is switched on, the control unit carries out a self-diagnosis to ensure the proper functioning of all components.


The lifter is supplied with a practical parking stand for storage and transport.
The structure of the vacuum lifter, which can be dismantled into several parts, creates the frame of the transport stand. In this way, the space required for transport and storage is reduced to a minimum (size of a pallet).

Find below a short technical video of the lift: to view the video on site, press the “Play” icon next to the photo of the lift.

Case history

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