Parking stand

The parking stand designed by Righetti will make it safe and convenient to transport and store your glass vacuum lifter.

The parking stand is a practical option that ensures the stability of the glass vacuum lifter during transport; it is also designed to keep it safe during handling and storage thanks to its solid construction.


Parking stands come in three versions: standard, forkable or forkable with wheels.
The forkable parking stand is suitable for handling with carts or pallet trucks because of its lightweight and compact design. The version complete with wheels also makes it easier for the operator to move the lifter.


The stands differ slightly from one to another depending on the model of the vacuum lifter. For example, on models with removable arms, the stand provides a dedicated space for storing the extension arms separately in a practical and convenient manner.
For each specific model, the parking stand ensures the safety of the vacuum lifter and its structure, as holding the suction cups off the ground prevents scratches or damages, effectively increasing the lifespan of your lifter.

Cavalletto di supporto per sollevatori a ventosa per vetro

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