Support stand for marble vacuum lifters

For the storage of your vacuum lifter for marble, the solution is the practical support stand.

The storage stand for marble suction cups is the ideal solution for storing and protecting your lifter.
Suitable for phases in which the marble lifter is not used, or when it needs to be stored after use on a lifting crane, the stand for suction cups is designed to make its handling practical and convenient.

The main purpose of this stand for suction cups for marble is to make it easy to move, thanks also to the optional version with wheels, and to protect the suction cups.
In fact, it is important that the suction cups do not remain in contact with the ground: the weight of the lifter can risk deforming the seals, just as residues on the floor can scratch and damage them. The stand, on the other hand, allows you to keep the suction cups off the ground, increasing the durability of the seals and protecting them from damage.

The movement with wheels, then, becomes optimal for repositioning and storing the lifter when it is not in use.

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