Specific suction pads for sheet metal

When choosing a Vacuum lifter for sheet metal, the presence of specific suction cups for sheet metal is essential for the safety of your load.

The reliability of a lifter also depends on the presence of specific suction cups for handling sheet metal. The Righetti Vacuum Lifters models are optimal precisely because they mount these components.

The suction cups for sheet metal are sprung and articulated with vulcanized rubber produced with a compound specifically designed for this use: the design and materials used are designed to compensate for sheets that are not perfectly flat, i.e. when they are not perfectly level. The irregularities due to the supports or pallets make the sheet metal poorly planar.

Righetti’s specific suction pads for sheet metal feature a low vacuum dispersion design, a safety ring and a sealing lip to ensure maximum reliability of the suction cups. The spring system and the articulation of the components best compensate for the natural bending of the sheet metal.

Furthermore, the sheet metal can reach very high temperatures (110°) during the processing cycle, and therefore cannot be lifted by elements that do not take this feature into account. For even higher temperatures, it is possible to request specific suction cups for high temperatures, as well as oil-resistant suction cups in the case of special processes.

On request we can also supply special plates with gaskets suitable for lifting checkered and mugnate sheets, mounted on the same standard machine body.

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