Glass vacuum lifter for French doors and windows

In the field of window and door handling and installation, it is crucial to have the right tools in place to ensure precise and flawless execution of every project. Precisely because of a major job to install French windows, which are characterized by a grid design, our Czech partner KMB involved us in designing a customized solution that could meet their needs.


French doors and windows for a classic aesthetic

French doors and windows irradiate a classic aesthetic, given by their typical grid design created by muntins, which results in a pattern of symmetrical sections and squares, whose size depends on the available space. In the case of the project in question, our partner needed to lift and install a considerable amount of this colonial-style windows with different sizes and weights ranging from 200 to 400kg. Such a variety obligatorily required a specific and tailored solution.


GL-VB16 d2: modular vacuum lifter for French windows and doors…

Given the variety of windows to install and their structural features, we immediately realized that none of our standard vacuum lifters could completely meet the client’s needs. The challenge demanded we created an extremely customizable system of suction pads that could adapt to the different sizes and shapes of the windows and doors. Working closely together with our Czech partner to fully understand their requirements, our R&D department designed the perfect solution: a battery-powered vacuum lifter with 16 small suction pads placed on four arms, which the possibility of repositioning and shutting them off from the vacuum circuit.

Lavoro di posa di serramenti con stile inglese facilitato da un sollevatore a ventosa su misura


…and for more common glass

However, our team did not stop at merely resolving the immediate problem: they made the vacuum lifter completely transformable. By removing the four arms, it is possible to substitute them with just four suction pads to get an in-line frame. With this linear configuration, the vacuum lifter can install all glass sheets up to 600kg.


The final result exceeded our partners’ expectations. The adjustable suction pad system allowed them not only to successfully address the complex grid design by being able to fit each suction cup onto a single grid square, but also to have two vacuum lifters in one machinery.  Moreover, the ability to selectively exclude the suction pads from the vacuum circuit made it easier to adapt the lifter to the smaller pieces.

This project is a clear example of how Righetti’s R&D has the right expertise to go beyond standard solutions to meet specific customer needs. Our know-how and tailoring skills allow us to effectively serve a wide range of industries, so do not hesitate to contact us.


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