Dual vacuum circuit

Why is the double vacuum circuit important?

According to the European standard EN13155, vacuum lifters intended for use on site must use the secondary gripping device (bands) or must be equipped with a double vacuum circuit, intended as a double system complete with vacuum tank and non-return valve. Each vacuum tank must be connected to a separate set of suction cups.


Why is it so important?
Because it is one of the main elements to preserve the health of the operator and the safety of the load. Each crossed pair of suction cups is connected to a single vacuum circuit, effectively making these pairs independent. This allows, in the event of malfunctions, breakdowns or power drops in a vacuum circuit, to always have its opposite circuit working, guaranteeing load holding and safety for the operator (who will thus have time to put safely load and crew).


Righetti Vacuum Lifters designed for use on site, meet the specific requirements of the EN13155 standard and are equipped with a double vacuum circuit.
Consequently, Righetti Vacuum Lifters’ can be used on site without any limitations.

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