CL-W: a compact yet versatile cladding lifter

CL-W is a compact cladding lifter, whose size is given by its mono 50x100cm suction pad. Due to its compactness, this vacuum lifter is found to be particularly striking in handling sandwich panels.

Let’s find out all reasons why CLW is the perfect vacuum lifter for installing wall sandwich panels.


Vacuum lifter designed to work on construction site

CL-W vacuum lifter was designed to work on construction site. Powered by removable and rechargeable high capacity batteries, this model guarantees a smooth handling of sandwich panels up to 12 meters in length, weighing up to 375kg.

The lifter is equipped with a dual vacuum circuit to ensure a firm hold on the insulation panel even in cases of malfunction of one of the circuits, as required by EN13155. In addition, any dangers are automatically detected by the vacuum control unit and promptly signaled by the audiovisual alarms that make up the vacuum lifter.


Double lifting eye bolts

Another interesting equipment is the possibility of removing CLW’s lifting arm, thus revealing a second attachment point at a lowered height. This allows the vacuum lifter to be hooked at a lower point, thus facilitating any installations close to obstacles or ceilings.

The above-mentioned feature makes CL-W the ideal lifting equipment for installing wall sandwich panels, even in close environments, such as sheds and warehouses.


Horizontal and vertical handling of insulated panels

CL-W vacuum lifter allows 90° rotation of its suction pad, thus enabling it to move and install sandwich panels either vertically or horizontally. Once positioned on the panel and the suction activated, this vacuum lifter adheres smoothly to both smooth and micro-nervated surfaces, ensuring a perfect holding of the panel.


Whatever the type of insulated wall panel installation, CL-W proves to be your main ally for a safe and fast job.


  • Installation of wall panels
  • Lifting capacity 375 kg
  • Battery operating system
  • 0-90° tilt system
  • 0-90° rotation
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